Human Treats

Every once in a while, G and I feel we need a treat (every once in a while = a few times a week).  Yesterday was no different.

After driving to the post office to mail something for work,


we decided it was time for a treat.

One of our favorite treats requires us to head to the golden arches.


I’m always tempted to order 100 value meals, supersized with diet cokes, but never do.  One day I will.  I promise.


But last night, we got our good old standby…from the dollar menu.


Two vanilla cones for $1!!!

Can’t beat that.  I’m also trying to get my tan to match the color of the ice cream…so close, it’s frightening.

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4 Responses to Human Treats

  1. What a deal, and looks delicious! I’ve been on a froyo kick now that there’s a Tutti Frutti by me!

  2. Hubbie says:

    I think the little cone is so much better than eating a whole 1/2 gal. by myself!

  3. YES. I love their cones. 2 cones for a dollar is definitely a win win situation!

  4. RicoleRuns says:

    We also LOVE treats from McDonald’s! But we like to splurge and get their dipped cones! Sooooo delicious. Embarrassingly enough, we have a “favorite” Mickey D’s that makes them the best. 🙂

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