An MLS Player?

Yesterday, G and I went to the gym together.  After the gym we decided to go to Subway to pick up dinner (I know you’re shocked I didn’t come home and make a gourmet meal…get over it).

Anyway, while the “sandwich artist” made G’s sandwich, he said “I like your outfit, are you an MLS player?” (MLS = Major League Soccer).  Obviously, he was not talking to me.  He was talking to this idiot:


That was what G was wearing (his favorite gym “outfit”, btw).  I don’t have gym outfits…just in case you’re wondering.

This is not the first time G’s been asked about his profession.  Someone asked if he was a rapper (LL Cool J style) when we were at a farmer’s market in L.A.  and somebody else thought he was a college athlete (<—-that happened just a few months ago).



And G loves every minute of it.

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1 Response to An MLS Player?

  1. Hubbie says:

    What idiot would think I could play pro soccer…with my old face! Lol

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