A Good Deal

Today’s good deal: BREAD!


I don’t buy bread that often, but when I do, I buy a lot.

I find that bread is a huge rip-off at the grocery store so I never buy it there.  I prefer to go bakery outlets.  Today, I picked up these items:


One package of BagelThins.  I’ve never tried them, but I love bagels so I’m pretty sure they’ll be fabulous.


Two packages of Flax & Fiber SandwichThins.  We’ve never tried this variety, but all the other varieties are good and who doesn’t need a little flax seed in their diet?


And two 24-packs of Multi-Grain Sandwich Thins.  This was the only variety the outlet had in 24-packs so I grabbed 2.

I put everything in the freezer when I get home and take individual packs out as we use them.  It usually takes us a few months to eat everything.

Want to guess how much ALL that cost?


For 64 SandwichThins and 8 BagelThins.

It amazes me every.single.time.

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1 Response to A Good Deal

  1. Lisa says:

    What and where is there a bakery outlet!!!

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