Lifting Babies

On Sunday, I went to help Lindsey with her kids.  Remember Lindsey?


We did the Warrior Dash together last September.


Well, Lindsey had shoulder surgery in November and she still can’t lift her precious baby, Olive!


Isn’t that crazy?  She can do everything else, but is still restricted from lifting more than 10 pounds.  So.very.sad.

I went to hang out with her on Sunday and lift baby Olive whenever necessary.  How nice am I?  Fortunately, the easiest thing about taking care of a kid is lifting her so I didn’t really have to do anything!  It was pretty sweet.

Lindsey has another daughter, Natalee, who just cracks me up.  She requested this to eat:


That is a sweet pickle and whipped cream.  Weird right?



But she loved it!

And do you know what I love?


Lindsey made this purse.  So impressive.  And look at the inside:


Complete with a pocket AND zipper pouch.


I’m amazed.  I have no idea how to sew and think this is incredible.

While I was at Lindsey’s we made caramel corn (and I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures) and ate a ton of it.  It was a pretty excellent time.

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4 Responses to Lifting Babies

  1. Hubbie says:

    Tell Lindsey thanks for making that delicious caramel corn! I want some more.

  2. Beth L says:

    Lindsey should start selling her purses, amazing!

  3. christine says:

    Her purse is from an Amy Butler free pattern, you can find it online 🙂

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