I don’t know why, but G is a hoarder.  He’s never been like the people on the tv show Hoarding: Buried Alive, but he’s kind of like an extreme couponer hoarder — if something’s on sale, he wants to buy a billion of it.  G’s really cut back since we’ve been together, but he still has that impulse…especially if something is free.

We have a few collections of stuff G has hoarded.  And they all come from our gym…which is kind of weird.  Last year, our gym gave away free shampoo and conditioner, just sample sizes.  And now we have this many:


There are probably more than 50.  As you’ve probably noticed, G is bald.  He doesn’t even use conditioner and I think he just uses face soap on his head.  So that’s just for me.  I don’t know if I’ll ever use them all because I only use them when I go out of town or when we go camping.  Not very often.

Then last month, our gym started giving out peanut butter.  After just a few days or maybe a couple of weeks, we now have this:


Probably more than 20 packages of peanut butter in single serving size.


I guess that could be good for traveling too?  I don’t know.  G is making a lot of PB&J sandwiches now, though (<—I don’t have to make something for his fat face!).

And finally, last week our gym started giving out body wash.


Axe body wash.  G was pretty excited about this and told me about it right when he got back from the gym.  He also said the people at the gym were putting it in a different place and I would have to look for it.  Umm, okay.

Now, you may think that things must be really difficult for us because we’re on a budget, but I promise you that we can afford shampoo and conditioner, peanut butter and even the luxury of body wash.  But G can’t help himself and he’s pretty proud of our stash.



And apparently, so am I.

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10 Responses to Hoarder

  1. Hubbie says:

    I might as well get my money’s worth out of the gym!

  2. RicoleRuns says:

    I think G and I might be two peas in a pod, because while I was reading all I could think was how jealous I am that your gym gives away free stuff! This is embarrassing but I totally bring home those little shampoo bottles from hotels….!

  3. Gma Pat says:

    OMG! Shades of Grandpa Tim. If he starts taking pens, watch out. They multiply and end up ALL over the House!! In Cups and buckets, along with the free shampoos and soaps from hotels and anywhere else he found ‘free stuff!’ Gosh I miss him and his pens…..wait, I just found another cup full in the top dresser drawer! Hmmmmm. 😀

  4. Carrie says:

    You and G crack me up! Love your blog

  5. Keri says:

    Nice!! I would totally hoard all of that too. Love your blog 🙂

  6. jendalynne says:

    Um I am gonna need the name of your gym lol jk looks like a wonderful stash the necessities in life!

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