A Holiday Party?

Yes, a holiday party.  G’s work waits until mid-January to have it’s holiday party so on Saturday night we went to parrrrrrr-tay…at the bowling alley!


G took inappropriate pictures with his coworkers



and traumatized children.





Fortunately we also did some bowling.


Did I mention it was cosmic bowling?


And there was a mascot?


I don’t know why the mascot was there, but G had to get a picture with him…and even pushed a kid out of the way to do so, no joke.

And the bowling alley had a great sign:


Okay, you don’t have to tell us twice.  G’s company had a good spread of food that included about 6 giant cakes.


G had at least 3 pieces of cake while we were there and we took 4 pieces home.  I would like to say we have a piece or two leftover, but we don’t.  They were gone that night.  The sign says “eat like you mean it”…so we did.

G’s company also had a raffle full of gift certificates and gift bags.  G got a gift bag.



I’d also like to say that our bowling improved from the last time we went and while G’s did, mine did not.  And that’s why I will not be joining a bowling league this year.


But we had a great time and ate a ton of cake.  Basically, a perfect Saturday night.

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3 Responses to A Holiday Party?

  1. Mmmmm cake AND glow-bowling? Awesomesauce.

  2. Hubbie says:

    I hated getting beaten by a little kid! But I at least I out-ate him!

  3. Love that Starbucks Christmas blend coffee! Good any time of year!

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