A Little Treat

Today, I’m going to hang out with my friend, Lindsey.  She recently had shoulder surgery and I’m going to help her out with her kids while her husband’s out having some man-time.  Anyway, I like to bring a little treat whenever I go to a friend’s house so I did some “baking” yesterday.  I call it “baking” because there was no baking involved and the recipe only required 3 ingredients!


I made Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies from the Tasty Kitchen website.  If you like the Tagalong Girl Scout cookie, you MUST make these…they taste just like them.

I started by laying out a package of Ritz crackers.


I filled a zip lock bag with creamy peanut butter, snipped off the point and started piping.



The hole I snipped was too small and I ended up having a major peanut butter blowout.  However, I reloaded the peanut butter in a new bag and snipped a bigger hole.  It worked much better and was so much faster!


I think they look like peanut butter kisses…very cute.  Then I put another cracker on top and got ready to do some chocolate dipping!!


The recipe says to use chocolate almond bark for the coating, but I couldn’t find that at the grocery store.  I decided to use candy melts because I used them when I made cake pops and they were so easy!

Just pour them in a bowl,


Microwave the chocolate for a few seconds and you have chocolaty, melty, wonderfulness.


I let the chocolate cool a little and started coating the sandwiches.


While I dipped the cookies into the chocolate, I gave little Jack the empty peanut butter container so he’d stop begging.


Worked perfectly.

After a few minutes, I had these beauties:


It takes about 20 minutes for the chocolate to set and then you can EAT THEM ALL!


(I know my hair is f*cked up and G’s hand is ashy…please stop staring.)

Well, we didn’t actually eat them all and Lindsey will be getting a bag of these fabulous treats today, what a lucky b*tch.

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6 Responses to A Little Treat

  1. karen says:

    A. I just adore you
    B. Send me some of those. Now.
    C. If you like that kind of easy peasy home ec type of treat (like myself, you MUST try christmas crack/aka cracker candy/aka saltine toffee. If you cant find a recipe online I’ll send it to you. Totally low brow but Ohh Myy loorrd. An entire drove of Santa Barbara moms who normally dont wake up for less than Godiva devoured the plate. Never told them what was in it. I was afraid they would pelt me with money. So anyhow give it a shot.

  2. Hubbie says:

    Remind me to never take another picture with ashy hands please!

  3. Brielle says:

    Those look AMAZING!!!!

  4. Dad says:

    OK, if you live in a place where it never gets warmer than the dark side of the moon (like Oregon), you will have to compensate for the temperatures that normal people enjoy. I made these this morning at about 10:30 (it is 4:30 now) and they haven’t hardened quite yet. I threw them in the fridge so we could enjoy them. The ones we did try (with chocolate running down our hands and arms) were great. Probably best enjoyed while dog sled racing or glacier climbing. Dad.

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