A Little Help?

Today I went to Kohl’s to look for shoes.  I have a 20% off coupon and I’ve been looking for grey shoes for a while.  And guess what happened?



That’s right, I picked up 3 pairs!!!  And now I need your help.  I’m not sure I should have purchased all these shoes.  Should I take a pair or two back?  Let’s do a run through…

1. Dana Buchman flats – $10.39



Cute, right?  I don’t have any flats like this and they’re pretty comfortable already.

2. Candie’s platforms in taupe – $15.98



I’m not sure about these ones.  I prefer a thinner heel, but for $15 I bought them to try out.  And yes, these shoes make me about 100 feet tall….which I love!!

3. Dana Buchman heels – $11.19



Now these are about a size too big, but the strap keeps them on my feet!!  Also, I haven’t bought a pair of pointy shoes in a while and I like how these are kind of pointy, but not crazy I-could-stab-you-with-my-shoe kind of pointy.

So, what do you think?  Should I take a pair back or keep them all for about $38?!! 

Btw, if you have creatures like I do, they will surround you when you try to do a photo shoot outside.


Jack thinks I’m irresistible.


And Bing was looking for his nutria friends, but wanted to have his picture taken too.


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17 Responses to A Little Help?

  1. ashley says:

    For just $38? I say keep them. One pair would usually cost at least that much, so you got a steal on all 3 pairs!

  2. Carrie says:

    What a deal!!! I want all 3 of these myself, so cute. I may have to make a stop at Kohl’s tonight 🙂 I have a 30% off coupon myself. KEEP THEM!!!

  3. svelie@dpnicoli.com says:

    it will cost you more in gas to take them back then the money you will get for them. keep them. the last ones are ugly though:) love your best bud steph.

  4. Harriet says:

    Keep them all! $38 for three pairs is a great deal!

  5. Melissa says:

    Great deal! If I was going to keep just 1 pair, I would keep the platforms…LOVE those!

  6. Karissa says:

    Whaaaaaat?!! $38 for THREE pairs of smokin’ shoes?! Hold. The. Phone.
    I think if it is in your budget to keep all 3 you should. They’re ALL very functional but in different ways. The flats and the Candie’s are my favorites.

  7. stephanie says:

    for those prices, keep them all!!

  8. Diana says:

    They’re only $38?!? Live a little you wild child and keep them all!

  9. Hubbie says:

    I’m glad Jack was licking you instead of me before I go workout!

  10. andrea says:

    Three pairs of shoes for 38?? Wow you better keep them!

  11. Casey says:

    love them all!!!

  12. Twila says:

    Hello! Keep them ALL!! I can’t find one pair I like for that price most of the time : ) Its not like they are going to go bad.

  13. Carlyn says:

    You need all of them. Just sayin’.

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