Big Balls

On Saturday night G and I went to the bowling alley with Keri and Evan.  Keri and I started working at law firms in the South Jesus area at about the same time in 2008.  We became friends when we were opposing counsel on a couple of family law cases and now I force her to hang out with G and me every once in a while.


Because G and I act like we are 85 years old, we made them go bowling at 5:00 pm so we could be home by our 8:00 pm bedtime.  We’re cool like that.

G also had to do some stretching before we got started.


I’m pretty sure he pulled some muscles with that move.

Not surprisingly, I prefer to take pictures with the balls.



We also forced Keri and Evan to take pictures with the balls.


Aren’t pictures with bowling balls the best?!!

We played three games that night and I sucked in pretty much all three.  Well, we all kind of sucked, but I was the worst in 2 out of the 3 games.


That’s the first game.  I’m the “A” that scored 78…pathetic.  Also, my name does not start with the letter “A”, but my “going out name” is Ashley.  It’s easier than my real name so I always use it when I’m out.  I liked that our names spelled out “GAKE” on the computer.


I made G change his name to Charlie for the third game so our names would spell out cake.


I’m pretty sure the next time we go bowling our names are going to be Frank, Ursula, Carrie and Ken.

After playing one game, we decided to eat food in the hopes that it might help our pitiful bowling games.  Keri and Evan ordered a pizza,


G ordered a chicken burger and fries


and I ordered curly fries!!!


I love bowling alley food.

And the food worked…we played much better in our second game.


Keri and I chatted the entire time (per usual).


And Keri brought us homemade chocolate chip cookies that George pretty much devoured when we got there.


They were good and Keri was nice enough to give me my own bag so that fatso G couldn’t eat all of them.  Thanks Keri!

G’s favorite part of the night was when he won the third game.


Do you want to see how excited he was?


He thought he won the Super Bowl.  Idiot.

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6 Responses to Big Balls

  1. Haha, we do bowling names when we go out too – instead of Janine, I’m either Candi, Lynnette or Edith.

  2. If you think that you may not have bowled well, just look at this poor guy…and he’s in the PBA!

    Nice Post/Great picks! The food looked better than the balls though…lol

  3. Hubbie says:

    Since I only bowl once or twice a year; I thought I was a phenom on the alley! AMF Pro tour here I come!!!

  4. So fun! I like to take photos with the balls too 🙂

  5. Gma Pat says:

    I always thought you had ‘big balls!’ Now, we have proof, and did you bowl your balls off? I think it was very kind of Keri to bring you your very own bag of cookies. We know how G is!! (hungry! ALL the time!!)

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