***G wanted me to tell you that he came up with the title…he’s very proud***

Remember how our wreath looked the first day?



We were so proud.  And it looked so pretty on our door…


And then it started melting.

I meant to take it down on Christmas day, but I forgot and was on a plane to Chicago before I could do anything about it.  When we got back, our little wreath looked like this:



Isn’t it weird that the gumdrops started cracking?  And look at the ones all over the ground.



So last night, I finally got up the courage to take our beautiful wreath down…and pose for one last picture with it.


All while looking pretty sexy in my work-at-home outfit.  I probably should apologize for wearing the same sweatshirt in every picture (and every day), but I don’t really care so I won’t.

After saying our goodbyes, we threw the f*cker in the garbage.


Isn’t that the saddest picture ever?

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5 Responses to Gumdroppings

  1. Awwww, that’s a precious wreath, I love it! We have an “8-bit Mario/Nintendo Wreath” that we received for Christmas, I love it!

  2. what a yummy looking wreath!

  3. Hubbie says:

    The really sad part is we couldn’t wash off the gum drops & eat them! 😦

  4. jamie says:

    Love your sweatshirt. The school should be sending you money for advertising

  5. Amy says:

    Also it’s sad to see the sugar drippings on the door and ground…it’s like the wreath was wounded. poor thing.

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