My New Home

On Friday night, G and I headed into downtown Chicago.


I love the city, just love it.  We let these three boys come with us:


That’s George III (G’s son and my stepson) and our nephews, Jordan and Andre.  Jordan likes to “act a fool” and refused to pose for a picture.

We were actually taking Jordan and Andre downtown to spend the night with their cousin, Kyle.


Kyle is the offspring of G’s cousin, Cheryl.


Cheryl lives in a downtown Chicago high-rise and every time I visit, I tell her I’m moving in.  I LOVE IT.  Just look at the view from her condo:


That’s Navy Pier.  So cool.

Along with her condo, I also want to steal Cheryl’s creature:


Coco did not like G creeping into our picture, but she agreed to take a picture with him.


And George III too.


Can you tell those two are related?  Like two peas in a pod.  It’s frightening.

After chatting for a while, Cheryl took us on a tour of her building’s new fitness and spa center.


And you see that “snow” behind the sign?  That was the closest thing to snow we saw on this entire trip.  Crazy days here in Chicago, crazy days.  I asked G if he wanted to pose with the snow…this is what he did:


Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.

And then he had to try out some of the machines in the gym.


He really liked that elliptical…he thinks it’s the 2011 Precor, but he really has no idea.  Anyway, he liked it.

But my favorite part was the pool.


How pretty is that?  And the lights change colors around it too.


And there are also some parts that look like a disco!


Don’t worry, I didn’t embarrass myself anymore than when I took this picture.  There was no dancing in the “disco” that night.

And this is how the pool house looks from the outside:


Beautiful, I love the city in the background and it must look amazing covered in snow.

I need to move here!!

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3 Responses to My New Home

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  2. So pretty! Looks like u guys had fun!!

  3. Emily says:

    The view from that condo… Drool!

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