Before & After

If you’re like me, you love a good before and after .  Whether it’s weight loss, a makeover, decorating…I want to see it!

This morning, I thought I’d do my own before and after post.  This required some planning and a little extra time.  The things I do for a blog post.

Anyway, I have a little event coming up so I thought I’d try a new makeup and hairstyle before to see if I liked it.  This morning I woke up looking like this:


Gorgeous, as usual.

Just so you know what I started out with, I washed and flat-ironed my hair on Sunday night.  Last night, I took a shower before I went to bed, but I didn’t wash my hair (that’s where the frizz around my face came from).  Basically, I was starting with dirty hair.  Not greasy, just not fresh.

I recently bought some hot rollers ($10 at Ulta with a $5 off coupon!) and I wanted to try them out.  I put them in when I first got them, but left them in for way too long and my hair was ginormous.  This time, I planned to leave them in just long enough for me to do my makeup.


I did kind of a smoky eye look.


It looks a little brown in these pictures, but it was more of a very dark gray.  I used a black liner, filled in my brows, added a touch of bronzer and blush.  Oh and a little powder concealer under my eyes.  I rarely, if ever, use foundation.  The whole face didn’t take more than about 8 minutes.

Then I changed my shirt and added my lips for a true before and after reveal!



If I had more time this morning, I’d leave the rollers in for a bit longer, smooth out the top and maybe go a bit darker with eyes…depending on the event.  Otherwise, I like it.

Bing, however, was not impressed.


And you’re right, Bing’s carpet does not match his curtains…embarrassing!

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10 Responses to Before & After

  1. Lea says:

    Are you working @ home today?

  2. I totally need hot rollers. I never even thought to look for them at Ulta, I have tons of coupons for that store! Thanks for the tip, and great job on the smokey eye!

  3. Hubbie says:

    You look great!!!

  4. Heidi says:

    What eye shadow is that? Love!

  5. Becca says:

    It’s always fun to see how others get ready! I love your extensions, btw.

  6. SkinnyRunner says:

    you need to do a step by step on how to do a smoky eye. i just take a finger smear, rub it against my face like i have tourettes and call it good. thats how its done, right?

  7. Your a brave soul to post pictures without makeup. I envy you.

  8. Mindy says:

    Seriously you kill me!! I love your blog 🙂 I have been a little behind in case you noticed all of my comments!

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