Holiday Cheer!

On Saturday night, I drove to Portland to hang out with Misty, Sara, Julie and Erica.

Misty and me:


(My boobs are not really that big or round, it’s just an amazing shirt.)

I went to Misty’s and Sara’s house back in July for a little birthday celebration, but this time I went to make cookies.

I’ve known Misty for a few years.  She’s a fellow harpist, but way more serious about it than me (and she plays incredibly well).  She even decorates her harp for Christmas!


And like just about every harpist, she has tons of harp-related Christmas paraphernalia.


That’s a lot of angels playing the harp.

After making fun of Misty for all her music and harp sh*t around the house, it was time to start making cookies!!!


We like to make everything as easy as possible.  With these mixes you only have to add butter and an egg…incredible.


Frosting is always easiest if you don’t have to make it.  BTW, we did not use the sugar-free kind…we might be weird, but not that weird.


Sprinkles, food coloring and M&Ms.  I might have eaten about 100 M&Ms.


Fortunately, hairnets were not required in this kitchen and we all expected to find my hair in everything.  That’s just how I show my love.  You’re welcome.

It didn’t take long before we had some cute little raw cookies ready to bake.


We filled up all the cookie sheets pretty quickly so while the cookies baked, we decided to have a snack.  Misty made pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.  They were so good.

She even let me eat mine on a harp plate.


While the cookies baked, these scraps were staring me down!


So I ate them.  I have no self-control.  However, I did come up with a creative way to eat them:


Just wrap an M&M in that sh*t and call it good.  I should own a bakery.

We finally got the cookies baked and the table cleared of flour.  It was time for FROSTING!

I loved these little blue bowls.


And they looked even better with mounds of frosting in them.


And then I almost forgot we’re supposed to frost cookies, not just eat the frosting.


Misty even brought out little holiday knives to frost with…how cute is that?!


Okay, well, that lady holding the knife looks psychotic, but I love the gingerbread man!

And then we frosted our balls off.


Julie (on the left) worked extra hard, I mostly posed for pictures and Erica (on the right) looks a little too happy about the blue frosting.

When it was all said and done, we had a ton of cookies.




One of my favorites is the cookie covered in so many M&Ms you can’t even tell what shape it’s supposed to be.


One thing we were a little confused about was the sprinkles on this tree:


They look a little phallic.  Misty said they are supposed to be race cars.  I think I see one race car racing about 50 penises.  Neat.

After our cookie extravaganza, we decided to watch a holiday movie.  I grabbed a candy cane because I needed just a little more sugar.


That’s Sara in the background…she’s very good at avoiding the camera.

We decided to watch this:


I’ve never seen this movie and I’m not a big fan of The Muppets, but I decided not to be a total bitch (unusual for me) and agreed to watch the movie.  I came to the conclusion that Gonzo’s nose still weirds me out, I don’t understand how Kermit and Miss Piggy can be a couple and I don’t understand how people and Muppets can actually live together in society?

  Anyway, before we watched the movie, Misty showed us some of her newest crafty creations.  She gave me these ornaments made out of leather:


Love.  I can’t wait to put them on our “tree”.

And then I tried on pretty much every mask that Misty’s made since I was there in July.  You can check out all of Misty’s creations on her Flickr site and place orders on her Etsy site.  She’s really talented and creative…it’s amazing.




I love this black one and Misty’s working on one for me now!  I am so excited.  She’s also going to put one together for G (less girly…more batman-style) and I can’t wait for us to wear these around South Jesus to scare people!!

Speaking of scaring people, check out this bad boy:


I’m pretty sure this mask is an improvement to my everyday look, though.

The last mask I tried on was a total winner, mostly because it matches my nail polish (Essie’s “Very Structured”) so well!



And then I told Misty she better start working on my mask or I was going to burn her house down.


I am so excited to see the finished product!!

Thanks for the cookies, the movies and for letting me play dress-up all night, it was so much fun.

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3 Responses to Holiday Cheer!

  1. Ummmm yes, those do look very phallic! I’m not seeing race cars at all.

    Looks like you guys had a killer time, love the masks! And I wouldn’t have made it through all that decorating without eating at least 19 cookies.

  2. I’m the same way when I make cookies – love to eat the dough!

    Looks like a jolly good time! 🙂

  3. Hubbie says:

    I can’t wait to see my mask when she’s done!

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