Guess Who’s a VIP?

That’s right, I am.  After work on Wednesday I drove to Portland to go to a VIP event at Dosha Salon Spa with Lea.


Dosha has a few locations throughout Portland and they hold VIP events every December.  They provide desserts and wine,


and anyone can go (so I guess I’m not actually that special).

They also have products on sale!


But the main reason people go is so they can pick up this bad-boy:


This card gets you 10% off all products and services for 2012.  How cool is that?  While I don’t go to Dosha that often (because it’s kind of a drive from South Jesus), I try to pick up a VIP card every year just in case I book an appointment.

I also like to shop at the VIP party.


And look what I bought:


Five smashbox eyeliners for only $19.80!!!  Isn’t that an incredible deal?  I just couldn’t resist.

After we got our VIP cards and bought my eyeliners, Lea and I headed here:


Chevys!!!  We were so excited to eat Mexican food it was embarrassing.  And we took a giant table in the bar so we could pretend we had friends.


We I ate about a billion chips and had a huge plate of nachos.  I told Lea she could have some but then I ate the whole damn plate.  Sorry Lea, I’ll try to share next time.

It was pretty much an excellent evening with a great friend.

Happy Friday!

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5 Responses to Guess Who’s a VIP?

  1. Love Smashbox eyeliner. Jeal of your deal!

  2. stephanie says:

    After that 8 mile run, you needed to refuel! A plate of nachos would be one of my choices too!! 🙂

  3. Kathleen says:

    You scored with your Smashbox eyeliners. Great Mexican food! Marisa and I would love to join you at next year’s VIP exclusive. Keep us in mind. It would be fun to meet Leah and have a girl’s night out in Portland. BTW…..8 mile run today… are awesome!!

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