A Dog, Nail Polish, Sushi and Swimming

**Warning: My pictures suck more than usual…G jacked my camera**

Yesterday, I headed up to P-town to visit some family and some friends.  First, I stopped to pick up my sister and said hi to my favorite puggle, Bailey.


While I was there I saw the most beautiful holiday card EVER!



One thing I love about my sister is that she is a licensed massage therapist.  While she’s never given me a massage (which might be weird anyway), she does get to shop at the beauty supply store!


Hell yeah!!  For those of you who don’t know, the beauty supply store is so cheap…like 50% off cheap!  Par-tay time!  And do you know how I party?


With nail polish of course!  As you can see in that picture, my nails are bare.  I had clear polish on, but I was in desperate need of some new colors.  Bring on the $4 Essie please!


I ended up purchasing Bobbing for Baubles, Very Structured and Chocolate Cakes.  Love.

After doing a bit of shopping, we went to get some food.  I was craving some sushi so I went for some brown rice vegetarian rolls.


Em went for something a little more creative.


I don’t know what it was, but she loved it.

After recharging, we headed to Toya’s swim meet.


That kid cracks me up.  And so does this one:


Elijah brought some money with him and he spent the first 20 minutes buying sh*t out of the vending machine.  I totally would have done that as a kid.  He was a lot nicer than me, though, and actually shared his treats.  Thanks Elijah!

After hanging out a little while, Toya was ready for the meet.


I was hoping that she wouldn’t swim with her eyes closed, though.

I grew up in a crazy swimming family and we spent a lot of weekends at meets.  Especially once we got started in synchronized swimming…that was some crazy stuff.  I’ve really got to try to dig out some pictures.  Those are hilarious.  There’s nothing like Knox gelatin, tons of makeup and sequins.

Anyway, it was fun to be back at a meet after being away for years.



It was also fun to cheer on Toya in her silver cap!


It was also interesting to see how kids deal with the competitiveness aspect.  I was the kind of kid that wanted to win.  There were things I knew I wasn’t good at like running so I didn’t run.  But I knew I was good at swimming.  I was always one of the fastest and strongest in synchronized swimming.  Same with playing the harp.  Once I was old enough, I always needed do the best and be the best.  If I didn’t, there were tears.

Watching this meet, there were kids who finished way after everyone else and I was amazed at their attitudes.  My sister and I thought that if we were the kids that came in last, we would have quit in the middle of the meet…and never returned.  But these kids were okay.  They didn’t cry, they swam again and they seemed to have a good time.

It was fascinating.

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6 Responses to A Dog, Nail Polish, Sushi and Swimming

  1. Holy good God, you are freaking hilarious!!!! My friend Jessi directed me to your blog- and I’m glad she did. So that I could finally get rid of her and befriend you.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Way to brag about your hookup for Essie polish… Super jeal!

    I also grew up as a competitive swimmer..nice to see swimmers actually smiling, I don’t remember smiling once..waking my butt up at 4:15 am to hope in a freezing cold pool does not really entice smiles…

  3. Amy says:

    Oh it looks like your beauty supply store is WAY better than the crap one we have here. I am so jealous!
    And that is so cool about the synchronized swimming! I was a competitive swimmer up until the end of high school and always wanted to try synchronized … but it wasn’t around where I lived! However, I can say that I DO NOT miss sitting at those meets ALL DAY SATURDAYS!

  4. Megan My Day says:

    Poor Jackaroo! He looks so sad.

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