Some Leftovers

I know I’ve already done a couple posts about last Sunday at my mom’s house, but I still have a few photos to share.

Tim played some games with the kids.



George terrorized Julia…again.


That’s right Julia, just look away.

And there was eating too!


G and I sat at the kids table.  The grown-ups were in the dining room:


Well, the grown-ups and this monster:


I was really hoping he’d flip me off…guess we’re going to have to work a little more on that trick.

And then there was poor, little Max the dog.  The last time you saw Max he looked like this:


And was enjoying himself camping.  Well, Max had a little surgery on his ear and he looked like this on Sunday:


Fortunately, he’s feeling just fine, he just hates his collar.  He was so happy when Tim agreed to take a picture with him.


Finally, we took a few pictures with the entire group (and our swag).



I’m pretty sure this concludes my post-baking, swag-making Sunday at my mom’s.

You’re welcome.

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1 Response to Some Leftovers

  1. Hubbie says:

    There’s nothing like eating too many cookies & making a lil swag!

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