A Little Challenge

I read about the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak on SkinnyRunner on Wednesday and it got me thinking about goals.  Typically, I prefer to set pretty unrealistic goals like maybe if I try really hard, I’ll be able to look like Brooklyn Decker by Monday.


I usually make this goal on Friday and set no real rules or have any idea of how I will accomplish it.  That way, when I don’t achieve the goal I don’t feel too bad because I didn’t expect to achieve it anyway.

But after reading about the Holiday Running Streak, I thought this was one goal I might be able to achieve.  The challenge is to run one mile every day between Thanksgiving and January 1st.  One mile, that’s it.  I’m already “training” for the stupid half-marathon so what’s adding in a mile run every other day or so?  Nothing, right?

I could even run a mile like this:


Well, that might scare people.  But you know what I mean.  Even a lazy person like me can do this.  I started a little bit late (Wednesday), but I plan to run at least one mile a day through New Year’s.

And by then I expect to look like Brooklyn Decker…is that unrealistic?

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1 Response to A Little Challenge

  1. Hubbie says:

    Babe you’ll look better than Brooklyn Decker by New Years! Keep up the great work!

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