Okay, a few more…

You might be shocked to find out that we actually have a couple more holiday decorations up!  Okay, well I am.  As you’ve read about for the last 3 days, I went to my mom’s last Sunday to frost cookies and make swag.

While we were there, these cool people showed up:


That’s Gail and Steve.  They’re friends of my mom and Tim.  Gail is a fan of CTW so I love her.  And she even brought me a present!  How cool is that?

Yes, she got us a gift to go with our nightlight.  We’re holding them in the above picture, but here’s a close-up:


Aren’t they perfect?  They totally make our nightlight complete.  The only problem is that they can’t see over the windowsill.  Sad.


And hilarious.  Thanks Gail!!

But our decorations don’t stop there.  We decided to get crazy and hung a flag that we stole from my mom.  We had a snowman one last year, but it blew away in a wind storm.  We were devastated.  But look at our pretty, new one:


Thanks mom!

G is still bothering me to put some lights up, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen.  The nightlight, the flag and the wreath are enough…especially now that we have little people to go with the nightlight.

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1 Response to Okay, a few more…

  1. Gma Pat says:

    Love your new decorations, esp the flag. Can’t you ‘prop’ the little guys up on a couple books or something so they can see out the window? We used to park our kids on the Portland phone book so they could reach the table. Didn’t have fancy booster seats like now. And that was back in the ‘old days’ when we still HAD Phone books!! 😀

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