Crafting Like Crazy

On Sunday, we went to my mom’s to make cookies and Christmas swag.  Once we got to mom’s, we said hello to everyone and got down to business…we had a lot to do.  First, I prepared some frosting for G.


Julia was afraid we were going to talk to her (or look at her) so she was always a little weary of what we were doing.  C’mon Julia, we’re crazy…get used to it.

After the frosting, I got busy on my project.


The best part is that I only needed four supplies: a foam wreath, a ton of gum drops, a glue gun and glue sticks.  We were even super cheap and bought the glue gun that cost $2.49.  Amazing.

After George frosted his brains out, he accumulated quite the row of cookies.


But, I have a feeling that he spent more time doing this:


Than doing this:


Are we surprised?  No.

Everyone else frosted cookies too.  It was pretty easy and tons of fun for the group.  My mom bought about 8 dozen unfrosted cookies and everyone brought frosting, food coloring and whatever sprinkles and toppings they wanted.

It worked out really well.


And we all went home with cookies!

After eating about 20 pounds of frosting (George), it was time to head outside to work on our swag/wreaths.


My mom and Tim set up an entire workshop in the garage to make swag!

And do you know who loved making swag the most?


And no, it’s not Laura.  It’s Hart.  I decided that Hart should have a tv show called “Hart ♥ Swag”.  That would be a great show.  I mean, look at his swag!


He didn’t want even want Laura in the picture because he was afraid she’d get credit for his “masterpiece”.  Want to see his favorite part?


No, not his hairy hands.  The wire hook.  He was pretty excited about it.  Go Hart.


And eventually he took a picture with his “white power” family.  Too bad Julia is hiding the fetus.  The fetus is my favorite member of that family because she’s cuter and way less annoying.

G prefers the fetus too.


Reason #253 that I will keep Georgia frozen…I can avoid pictures like this.  I was more fascinated by a different area on Laura that seems to be growing.


I mean, whoa.  Those things are huge!  I would be jealous, but only if they were silicone.

Sorry, I digress…back to swag.

Jamison came ready to go off to war and decided to make his family’s swag as if he were fighting enemy troops and needed a housewarming gift.


He was serious.


Now my brother and Tomoe were too lazy to make their own swag.  And they were busy because G kept making them take pictures like this.


Jeff looks like he’s interrupting Tomoe and G’s romance (I’ve been trying to get them together for years).

My mom ended up making swag for them.


Lazy f*ckers.  Especially that little one who insists on being carried around all the time.

And if you thought that was enough swag, you’re wrong!  Because mom and Tim made 3 for their garage.




Everyone did a great job on the swag, but really, nothing compared to my art project.



G loved it.  And it looks gorgeous on our door.



Now that’s a kick-ass wreath!

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4 Responses to Crafting Like Crazy

  1. Gma Pat says:

    GREAT JOB!! All the swags look professional, esp. Your gumdrop wreath! Now you have a decent Christmas decoration for your house. Luv U All!

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