Our Nightlight

I am not a big decorator (in general or for any holiday).  However, I love reading decorating blogs and imagining how I might decorate.  I keep the CTW household on a strict budget and right now, decorating is just not a priority.  But even if I had tons of money to throw away, I don’t know how much decorating I’d do for the holidays.  I get easily overwhelmed by clutter so I really can’t imagine having a bunch of stuff lying around all over the place.

G, however, loves to have stuff lying around…I think clutter is one of his favorite decorating styles.  It’s like he wants to see every possession he owns all the time, every day.  And every year, he insists that we put out our holiday decoration.  Yes, you read that right…DECORATION.  As in one decoration.  I probably wouldn’t put out anything if I lived by myself, but I give in to G’s insistence.  The best part is that he wants “the world” to see our decoration, too.


Can you see it?  It’s in the window.


Does that help?


I think it’s hilarious.  G said that it’s like a nightlight and I agree.  I also hope that our neighbors see it and say “wtf is in their window”.

We are so festive it kills me!

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2 Responses to Our Nightlight

  1. Bronwen says:

    The opposite of Griswold. Love it!!

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