I’m afraid winter has arrived.



When I was greeted by the weather this morning, I knew I would not be attempting my run outside.  I think this creature had a better idea of how to spend the day:


Hi Bing!  Oh and FYI, cats don’t like it when you take a picture of them (with the flash) while they’re sleeping.

After hanging out with that beast for a while.  I decided not to be sooo lazy and went to the gym…I know, I’m hardcore.  Fortunately, my “long” run this week was only five miles and I had to do it today because I won’t have time to run tomorrow.

And guess what?  I did it and I didn’t die!  Incredible.

But I thought you’d like to see what happens to my hair when I haven’t washed it in a few days, done two indoor runs and taken multiple showers (without washing my hair).


It starts to grow sideways, but only around my face.  Oh so pretty.


These curls cannot be replicated and are usually more frizzy than curly.  They are also very good at making me look like a complete crazy person.

Enjoy your Saturday night!

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1 Response to Freezing

  1. ashley says:

    Winter has definitely arrived where I live as well.. hello, snow!

    Your curls are adorable. Very Shirley Temple-like.

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