I love multi-tasking, especially when I’m watching a movie, sports, tv, whatever.  If there’s light, I’ll be doing two things at once.  However, G is not much of a multi-tasker.  He can barely think and walk at the same time.

Tonight we went to the local high school’s girls basketball game.  We started watching the team last year and really enjoyed it.  I also like to pretend I was a teen-mom and one of the players is my kid.  That’s frightening, isn’t it.

I usually have to bring something to do so I can pretend I’m being efficient.  Tonight, I needed to polish my nails:


G also wanted to multi-task, so he got popcorn.


That’s about as good as G gets at multi-tasking.

After a few coats, the nails were done and drying.  I basically had these jazz hands throughout the entire game.  Maybe that’s why we can’t make any friends at the game.  Whatever, jazz hands are cool.


This color is O.P.I.’s “Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees”.  It’s kind of a dark gray, maybe with a hint of blue.  I’m not really sure, but I like it.

And then it was half-time.  The girls were playing well and were ahead.  We love going to the games mostly because if the girls win AND they score 50 points, we get free cheeseburgers from Burgerville!  How cool is that?

To gear up for the second half, G needed to refuel.


The girls really started to get a big lead in the second half and it was looking like they might hit 50 points!  We cheered with the cheerleaders and watched a cheerleader almost die during a stunt.  Have I mentioned how much I love cheerleader stunts?  I do.

What I don’t love is watching the teenagers at the game.  Teenagers, in general, scare me.  I think they are all having sex and getting pregnant.  It’s very difficult to for me to pay attention when I’m thinking this all the time.

Anyway, I was trying to focus on the game and when it was all said and done the girls won and scored 50 points!

You know what that means:


Free cheeseburgers!

It was 8:30 pm when the game ended.  Most people would go home and save the free cheeseburgers for another time, but the FatPigs don’t do that!


That’s right, we went straight to the drive thru:


Me: “Yes, we’re fat, can we have our free cheeseburgers?  Thanks.”

And then we went home.  It was a great night of multi-tasking and eating.

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