Making New Friends

George and I don’t really make new friends…unless they’re forced upon us (you know who you are).  But for some reason, both of our children love making new friends.  I think Jack just wants to run away with a new family, but this monster:


makes creature friends!  We call Bing a creature of the night because he found us in the middle of the night when we were walking across the street…I’m such a sucker for a little, black, meowing cat.  He is also a creature of the night because he likes to stay out all night killing stuff.  If we looked, I’m pretty sure we’d find mass graves of animals in the field behind our house.

Every once in a while, though, we’ll find Bing in the backyard with a new friend.  Yesterday, it was this guy:


They don’t look like they’re on the friendliest of terms, but that’s just because some sh*t had just gone down…cat-style.


G said Bing tried to claw the other cat, but his claw got stuck in the other cat’s fur.  Oh Bing is so friendly!  I guess everything was okay after that, though.  Maybe it was just a love tap?

I haven’t talked to Bing about the importance of carefully choosing friends and now, I’ve become a bit concerned that Bing has become friendly with some other creatures of the night.  These creatures:

Nutria 1via

That is a nutria.  I’d never even heard of them before I moved to South Jesus, but apparently, they are pretty common.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with these bad boys, they are ginormous.  And we saw two of them in our backyard a couple of weeks ago.

Wikipedia tells me that a nutria is a “large, herbivorous, semi-aquatic rodent” and “somewhat resembles a large rat”.  I thought for sure they’d be afraid of Bing, but Bing was in the backyard when they were there, and they didn’t even care….and that’s why I think they’re friends.


Btw, they are not afraid of a black man (in his underwear) pointing a flashlight in their eyes for about 10 minutes either.  They are braver than me and I respect them for that.

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4 Responses to Making New Friends

  1. ashley says:

    Aww your kitty is cute. But your nutria is a little strange looking. They look like a giant guinea pig/rat cross. I am curious as to what sound they make.

  2. brandp says:

    OMG down here we shoot nutria, hahaha. That’s Louisiana for you though, we shoot everything but a nutria rat MUST die. Those things will eat through your house and if they get caught in a trap, the scream like a person, very freaky!!! Love the kitty. I have a little black kitten, her name is Boo haha and I’m not allowed anymore creatures either 😦

  3. Beth L says:

    Im from Louisiana too and i can second Brandp’s comment, those things get trapped/shot around here b/c otherwise they just devastate everything!!! Tell Bing to grow a pair and scare those bitches off!!!

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