A Mexican Fiesta

Last Sunday, G and I drove up for a little family get together with some of my dad’s family.  It was a crowd of people and it’s been a while since we got together.

These are my cousins from my dad’s side of the family:


My cousins are the two morons in the back on the left (Kyle’s on the left and Ryan’s in the blue in the middle).  The other moron is my brother and that’s Em next to me.  I had to use this picture because I don’t have another one of us all together.  I would have taken one on Sunday, but Ryan was a total flake and had some other “commitment”…seriously, is there anything more important than hanging out with me?  I think not.

So we created a stand-in for Ryan so he would feel included.  Let’s call him Ryan Dos.


Surprisingly, Ryan Dos looks a lot like the real Ryan.  However, Ryan Dos is a much better listener than Ryan.  I got so much good advice from Ryan Dos, I hope he can be at our next family get together.  I also love Kyle laughing in the background of this picture…he was surely enjoying himself.

Oh and my Aunt Judi wouldn’t let me take her picture so I had to pull one from the archives.  Well, this isn’t that old, but it’s not from last weekend.

Xmas Card

Can you tell that these people are crazy Oregon State fans?  Well, they are.  And every time G sees Aunt Judi he yells “BEAVER FEVER” which is totally inappropriate.  Especially when she yells it back.

When I got to my aunt and uncle’s house I was thrilled to see this sitting on the coffee table:



I got so excited I was able to make my cheeks look like Taylor’s from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Now, if I could only make my @ss and thighs shrink that way…hmm.

Then I took some pictures with a couple of my favorite people:


That’s the birthday girl!


And that’s my Uncle Keith.  He rarely says anything and prefers to sit back and watch us me make a fool of myself.  He tries to counteract all the craziness when our families get together.  Keith, I appreciate your commitment to fight the good fight…but I think you’re losing.

Pretty soon my brother arrived and G tried to kidnap his son.


Kai doesn’t look too happy, but he warmed up to G quickly and wanted to be with him all the time.  Kai’s not as smart as I once thought he was.

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.  Enchiladas anyone?


Yeah they were good.  Have I ever mentioned that I love Mexican food?  Well, I do.

Then I tried to take pictures of everyone around the table.


I’m pretty sure Aunt Judi was giving some sort of directions…or maybe getting ready to conduct a choir.  It’s difficult to tell.


Umm, can everyone pay attention AT THE SAME TIME?!!  Apparently not.


I swear I’m not a foot taller than G.  A foot wider?  Maybe.


And Jeff is obviously trying to set an excellent example for his child.  At least he’s set the bar pretty low for the rest of us, thanks Jeff!!


I love this picture of Toya and Kai.  So laid back, so relaxed.

And then it was time for cake!



You can thank G for that blurry picture.

We knew that when this kid started rubbing his ears it was time to head out.


Because that’s what Kai does when he gets tired.  And when I see that he’s tired, I know it must be time for me to go to bed.

We had such a good time with everyone (especially Ryan Dos) and G and I may or may not have eaten the remaining half of Em’s cake on our way home…with our hands.  Why?  Because that’s how we roll (and I didn’t want to steal forks from anyone).


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3 Responses to A Mexican Fiesta

  1. skinnyrunner says:

    is ryan dos single because man, he is attractive!

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