Not Greeting the Day

I haven’t been sleeping particularly well this week and last night was no different.  When I woke up at around midnight and could not go back to sleep for a couple of hours I knew I would need to take serious action in the morning to get going.

At approximately 5:15 am, I put on my traveling outfit and jumped in the car.  This image greeted me:


Perfect.  Going to gas was not in my plan this morning and I hate deviating from a plan.  So what did I do?  Made a beeline for my destination, of course.


I’m waaaay too busy to be bothered with little things like putting gas in my car.

I made it to one of my favorite Circle Ks.  Then I got this message:


Really, seriously?

For those of you who are not familiar with my retirement plan:


I’m talking about the lottery.  And apparently I’m not a millionaire after all.  D.O.W.N.E.R.

There was only one thing left to do.


Purchase 44 oz. of pure bliss (diet dr. pepper).

Thankfully, I’m not quite as homicidal.  You’re welcome.

(And yes, my gas light is still on.)

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3 Responses to Not Greeting the Day

  1. Hubbie says:

    What!!! You didn’t get me a soda too???

  2. MBW says:

    There is always hope! There was no winner last night! Hold on for Saturday!

  3. Gma Pat says:

    Clue…maybe you should stick the Lotto ticket to the fridge for, oh, I don’t know, 8 mos. to 11 mos. It worked for that guy that won and just collected last week, just before the time to collect expired! (If I thought that REALLY worked, my fridge would be covered with Lotto tickets instead of picts of family & friends.) 😀

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