Basketball and a Creeper

Yesterday, G and I attended the local community college’s first women’s home basketball game.  One of G’s coworkers (Hayley) plays for the team and we like to cheer her on.  We went to her high school graduation party last June (and ate all the food).

Lea decided to join us and gave us a tour of her favorite parts of the school.


Thanks Lea, that’s very helpful.

When we got into the gym, the hard-core bball chicks were warming up.


Our team is in the gray and black. Go TEAM!


People usually think I played basketball because I’m kinda tall (and built like a tank).  I’m pretty sure I would have been the female version of Shaquille O’Neal had I played basketball.  Pretty sexy image right?

Anyway, we watched these women play some serious basketball.  Between the first and second periods we watched these hotties shoot some hoops.



Lea and I decided they must be the “hot guys” at the school and debated as to whether we should try to hook up with them (I don’t really know what “hooking up” entails, btw).  I called dibs on the guy in the black hat because he can jump and he was the tallest.


Then we realized that they probably think we’re 100 years old (and G was sitting right next to me).  So we gave up on that excellent idea and decided to take some pretty pictures of ourselves.


After a couple of pictures, we realized we had a creeper.


Hello Mr. Man in the Black Jacket!

After I saw that picture, I kept taking pictures of myself to see if he’d keep looking.


My big head blocked him in that one.


But then he came back!


Love that guy, he’s almost as bad as G.

So after the game we left to go to dinner and I saw this hilarious sign in the hallway:



I didn’t know it was necessary to hang signs like this.  Is that why G throws all his sh*t under the couch?  Hmm.

We left the school and headed to my favorite restaurant so George and Lea could pretend they’re dating.


Then Lea got pissed when G cheated on her and took a picture with me.


Fortunately our food came (we ate almost 1,000,000 french fries) and all was forgiven.

Thanks for driving down and hanging out with us, Lea!!  We usually have to pay people to spend time with us so you saved us a TON of money.

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5 Responses to Basketball and a Creeper

  1. uncle daniel says:

    What is it about french fries? They’re just the BEST!

  2. Hubbie says:

    The best of the day was definitely pigging out at Red Robin & having a 1/2 gallon of ice cream for dessert!

  3. Marilyn says:

    The best part about this whole post (besides your old man photo creeper, hilarious) is G’s shirt. Go Beavs!!!

  4. Amy says:

    Whyyyy cant you and G live close to me! You two would go perfect with my fiance and I (im 27 — he’s 43) Imagine the fun we could have with people!

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