Two Things I’m Loving

Now this is a little bit of rubbing fall’s balls, but I’m pretty sure I would love these two things even if it weren’t fall.

I love me a new scarf.  Especially one in a jewel tone.


And especially when the wind blows and the picture isn’t quite clear!


Oh, hello skin from five years ago…it’s nice to see you again.

The scarf was only $8.  Perfect.

My next favorite thing is:


This is a wick-less candle that you can use in a candle warmer.  I have a Scentsy warmer that I bought a couple of years ago and I found these candles at Kohl’s for $1.99 (+30% off).


This is the only way G and I know how to spice up our lives.  Yes, we really are that exciting.

I’m going to get a some punk put in my hair this afternoon.  I’m thinking something a little like this:


I will surely be looking fabulous in just a few hours.  Hope you are all having an excellent weekend!!

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1 Response to Two Things I’m Loving

  1. Hubbie says:

    I love your new highlights! & you look better than you did 5 years ago too!

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