I married a 15 year old

From the time we boarded the ship, G would only talk about one place.  The place he had to go when we got to Cabo…


I don’t know how many times I had to hear about this place where they hang you up by your feet and make you drink shots.  Keep in mind that G does not drink.  Obviously, that didn’t stop him from making the poor guys hoist his fat-pig-self up in the air.



And then I got to pose with him.


Thank god we were able to check that off the list and move on to something a little more entertaining.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mexico, you can buy a lot of prescription medications down there for pretty cheap (without prescriptions).  And there are “pharmacias” on pretty much every block.  They also have some pretty good advertisements to get people to buy.  This was one of my favorites.



So after we did some eating and some shopping, we headed to the beach where we met up with some of G’s family.  A few people were going jet-skiing so of course, my 15 year old husband had to join in.  I, however, stayed on the beach to dig in the sand with this little lady.


That’s my niece, Carsyn.  I want to kidnap her.  We had an excellent time burying things in the sand while we waited for G to get back.


The funny thing about this picture is that G went jet-skiing with his sister, Tiffani…on the same jet-ski.  Apparently, they had some problems staying on the jet-ski and Tiffani ended having to be “saved” by the jet-ski people.  I learned long ago, not go on a jet-ski with G.  He has no self-control.

Oh and the final reason I believe I married a 15 year old?  Because he takes pictures like this:



While we all noticed this bikini babe, most of us chose to take a mental picture.  G, on the other hand, took numerous digital pictures.  And now, as I was inserting the pictures into this post, he said “I took some good pictures of that b*tch, huh?”.

I wish I were kidding.

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4 Responses to I married a 15 year old

  1. Hubbie says:

    I loved acting like a 15 year old; if only for a week!

  2. This kills me. What makes it better is that you laugh about it. How does he even know about that place and why would you want to do that sober?

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