No Birth Control at Starbucks

When G and I are in LA, we usually have a ton of people to try to meet up with…and this time was no different.  On Friday, we met up with a couple of my old law school classmates for coffee.  We mostly just gossip about other classmates and talk about how we hate practicing law.  Seriously.  My friends, Jamie and Adrian, refused to have their pictures taken with me, but fortunately, they brought their kids for me to exploit.

Jamie got there first and this is what I saw her pushing around:


Keep in mind that Jamie isn’t even 5 ft. tall and probably weighs 70 pounds…she is tiny!  Here’s a picture of Jamie from our law school graduation.


So Jamie pushed this huge stroller of kids to Starbucks to meet G and me.  The kids were napping so we sat around and talked.  I also took pictures with the stroller because I didn’t know if I’d see the kids when they woke up.


Aren’t they cute?!!!

Okay, eventually they did wake up.  The best part is that THEY ARE TWINS!


Meet Shoshana (pink) and Shayna (purple).  The most difficult thing about taking pictures of these twins is that they refuse to smile at the same time.


Also, they are very shy around strangers.  This made it hard for G and I to take pictures with them.  So we had to be total creepers on the girls while they watcher Dora the Explorer on an iPhone.




Eventually our other friend, Adrian, showed up.  He’s a big time D.A. in LA County and honestly, his job scares the bejesus out of me.  He tells us some crazy scary stories about rape and what he’s learned about sodomy and lady parts.  Cra-to-the-zy.

Fortunately, he has some pretty adorable daughters that I kind of wanted to steal.


That’s Kayden on the left and Ashlyn on the right.  Kayden’s wearing her school uniform and Jamie and I thought she should wear it for Halloween and pretend she’s Brittney Spears.  However, Kayden informed us that Brittney is “so boring” and she’s actually going to be Lady Gaga.

We then subjected the girls to a few group shots.




Yeah, try to get four kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time. That’s pretty much impossible.

It was so good to see our friends and their children.  It almost gave me baby fever.  Almost.

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4 Responses to No Birth Control at Starbucks

  1. Heidi says:

    You would have REALLY cute kids…:)

  2. Hubbie says:

    It’s so sad that I missed my photo op with Kayden & Ashlyn! 😦

  3. uncle daniel says:

    Beware the baby fever!

  4. christine says:

    Oh man, I toooootally thought that the Youtube video at the bottom was going to be some hilarious clip highlighting why you don’t want kids… Doh! It only took me 9 seconds to realize it’s an add. Har har har.

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