It’s Vacation Time!

We just made it to the airport, checked in and are now eating breakfast.  Last night we drove up to Portland from South Jesus after I got off of work.  We had a groupon to use at Cinetopia that was about to expire so we decided to go straight there.


We saw Ides of March and we liked it!  We also got to try out a new theater, too.  Last time we went to Cinetopia, we sat in a Movie Parlor which was totally nice (21 and over and only 30-40 people).  This time we sat in a Living Room theater, which seats a lot more people, but it was still 21 and over (yay!).  We were happy because we were still able to order food from our seats like fat pigs!!


This was my view:


I really liked this theater because you couldn’t see any of the people sitting above or below you.  George ordered a turkey burger (again), we got a free popcorn (and upgraded to the ginormous bucket) and 2 ginormous pops.  It was wonderful.




After the movie, we went to my sister’s to spend the night.  Jamison agreed to drive us to the MAX train at 4:00 am so we could get to the airport (I know, what an idiot, right?).  But we really appreciate them letting us stay with them over night and dealing with G’s extreme getting ready routine…have I mentioned that it takes him 2 hours to get ready in the morning?  This was G when I got up at about 2:45 am.


Anyway, I love taking MAX to the airport because it’s pretty easy and you don’t have to worry about parking.  It also makes me feel like a true tree-hugger…like I’m living up to my Portland roots.




And yes we sat in priority seating.


Why?  Because we like to pack like we’re fleeing the country.


And no, that is not my LV bag…it’s G’s.  Are you surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  And yes, G’s bag is bigger than mine and weighs approximately 4.5 pounds more than mine.

So we’re ready for our flight and enjoying our first meal of the day at one of my favorite Portland delis!


Time to get ready to sleep on the plane ( and guard my space so some whore doesn’t try to steal it…like last time).

Have an excellent Friday!!

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7 Responses to It’s Vacation Time!

  1. Hubbie says:

    I highly reccomend the seeing the “The Ides of March” if you don’t mind using your brain while viewing a flick!

  2. Life's Better With Freckles says:

    I think G’s getting ready routine requires a post. What does he do for 2 hours since he doesn’t have hair?? Have fun!

  3. Emily says:

    Have a great trip!

  4. steph nanna says:

    for the record, you are a b$&@ch slut bag for not taking me on your vacation:) love steph

  5. SkinnyRunner says:

    sorry i missed you guys in the LBC. did you see snoop dog?

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