Usually when G gets home from work he watches his “stories” and gets ready for the gym.  Today, he told me he was going to Zumba.


This wasn’t his first time, but it makes me die laughing every time I think about it.  I used to make G go to step aerobics with me and it was hilarious.  Unfortunately, G is not that quick at picking up routines and he’s pretty robotic with his movements.  But really, the best part about watching G do step aerobics and Zumba is that he gives 150%.  He’s very serious with his workouts and it can be hysterical.  It amazes me that he’s totally fine with standing in front of group of people and getting all the moves wrong.  Just like when he almost drowned at aqua jogging.  The funniest part was that he tried SO HARD!


So remember, if you ever feel embarrassed about your workout routine or lack of coordination, just imaging George bumping and grinding in Zumba (probably to the wrong beat) and almost drowning in aqua jogging.  He doesn’t care if everyone laughs and he’ll laugh right along with them.  Much better than my reaction, which is to burn down the building.Devil

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7 Responses to 150%

  1. Bean says:

    Gotta love a man who is comfortable enough with himself to Zumba!

  2. Hubbie says:

    The best thing about zumba last night was when the instructor told me that I’d lost weight & was more cut; instead of just looking like a muscle-head!

  3. Just saw you from SkinnyRunner 🙂 It’s always nice to see men go to those “female” classes because they try really hard lol

  4. Zumba is hard! Its even harder to look normal and confident doing it. I’m inspired by G…I think I need to put in more effort.

  5. Amy says:

    Seriously, George you are fricken awesome!

  6. I have been reading since you guest blogged on SR but have never commented but you and G are the funniest couple. G should totally write a blog or at least do a guest blog.

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