Procreating in Seattle: Update

Last June, I visited one of my best friends, Joy, in Seattle for her baby shower.  You can read about that trip here, here and here.


Fortunately, she is not still pregnant and I’m so excited to introduce you all to Mia!


Her cheeks kill me!

She wasn’t that into our photo shoot, though, so that was a bit disappointing.  She insisted on taking pictures like this:


And on photo bombing our couple photo.


I already like her style.

Fortunately, Joy’s dog, Rocky, was there to comfort me.


Joy had some adorable pictures of Mia taken about 10 days after she was born and she has them hung in her house.  I love them.  If I had human children, I would do this.


Also, as I was snooping through Joy’s house (seriously, don’t turn your back on me if I visit your home), I found this picture from Joy’s wedding!  Guess who was the maid of honor?  That’s right, ME!!


I didn’t recognize myself when I looked at the pictures BECAUSE I’M TAN!  I also angled myself particularly well in this picture (behind the groom) so that helped hide the extra 30 pounds I was carrying around at the time.  Joy had a destination wedding in Cancun at an all-inclusive resort and it was fantastic!  Unfortunately, the wedding was at the end of the week so G and I managed to eat our weight in food and could barely fit in our clothes for the wedding.  I’m pretty sure we should have been embarrassed, but, as usual, we were not.

Congrats on the baby Joy and Matt!

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3 Responses to Procreating in Seattle: Update

  1. Hubbie says:

    I think that’s when I gained 17 lbs in 1 week!!! Mia is adorable…& I’m not just saying it because we have to say all babies are cute either.

  2. MBW says:

    What a beautiful baby!!! Congrats to Joy and her husband!

  3. MBW says:

    Great Picture!

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