The Final Night in Seattle

On Saturday night we had dinner reservations in Ballard so we headed over there early to shop a little bit.  There are a ton of cute shops and boutiques so it was fun to take a little time to look around.  For some reason, I have an obsession with hats and headbands.  I never buy them, but I love trying them on!





Kirsten liked the white knitted hat the most, but I think I preferred the first grayish hat.  It kind of seemed like something J-Lo would wear back in her Fly Girl days.  I should put on some baggy jeans and a tube top <—that would be scary, just fyi.

After shopping a bit, we had about an hour before our reservations so we stopped at a bar to get a drink.  I got a sparkling lemon drink.


Heidi had a beer.


And Kirsten had a glass of wine (and avoided the camera).

Then we headed to Bastille Café and Bar.  I’m proud to say that on our walk to dinner, we passed an inebriated gentlemen who yelled inappropriate comments at us.  I f*cking loved it and wish I’d taken my picture with him.  There’s really nothing I love more than a cat-call.  Seriously.

We made it to dinner, ordered more drinks and finally took some Kirsten-approved pictures!!


Yes, that’s Kirsten…the one vetoing all my pictures!  Why?  I have no idea.



And then we ordered some incredible food!  The pictures don’t do the food justice so please go to Bastille and try it out.  Heidi ordered the croque monsieur:


I ordered the falafel wrap:


with a side of fries (of course):


And Kirsten ordered the Socca Galette En Courges Roties (squash on a chickpea galette):


It was beautiful!

We took a few more pictures…


And headed back to Kirsten’s where Kirsten’s husband, Mike, acted as bartender:


Poor Mike is such a nice guy and I was completely inappropriate the entire weekend.  Thank you Mike for not kicking me out of your house.  Oh and Mike is a crazy marathoner who keeps an impressive excel spreadsheet of his training.  I made him talk to me forever about his running and tried to convince him to write a blog.  Again, poor Mike.

While we hung out at Kirsten’s I took pictures of some of the things Kirsten did to welcome us to her home.  This was her entry way table:


Isn’t that cute?!  I love the white pumpkin…so festive, and simple.  She also had these gorgeous flowers:



Needless to say, Kirsten was quite the hostess and we had a great time!  Thank you Kirsten and thanks Heidi for being such a great road trip buddy!

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9 Responses to The Final Night in Seattle

  1. Katie M. says:

    I don’t know Mike but he should totally do a running blog. Mainly because I can’t get enough of running blogs and could use a newer exciting one. (It’s always selfish reasons). In fact, if you were convincing enough and he does create one…I’d totally subscribe.

  2. I’m with your friend–that white hat is adorable!!

  3. Heidi says:

    Once again I’m excited to be in your blog because it makes me feel really famous!! You totally should have gotten the hat…

  4. Hubbie says:

    I haven’t seen Kirsten since her wedding! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. Kirsten says:

    Loved reading your Seattle recaps! It was great to hang out with you girls! Mike is still recovering from the emotional scars but he’ll be ok. And you should feel proud you got me in a few pics-even though looking at them now I see I have total drunk face! Ha. Xo

  6. Emily says:

    I’m a little bitter Mike’s beautiful wife let you put pictures of her on your blog but demanded I take them off my blog. Rude!

  7. Megan My Day says:

    I love that you are completely inappropriate but aren’t even drinking alcohol. Love it.

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