Bring Your Parka, Not Your Bikini

On Saturday morning, the girls and I decided to go for a walk on Alki Beach in Seattle.  Before we headed out, there was some real excitement at Kirsten’s condo because I parked my beautiful car in front of the building when Heidi and I arrived.  The problem was that it is only 2 hour parking beginning at 7:00 am.  So at around 9:00 am on Saturday I needed to move my car.  I didn’t want to get dressed and didn’t really care about anyone I saw on the streets so I went out like this:


Those are dress socks with my running shoes (I forgot regular socks)…sexy, I know.  As I was quickly walking through the streets of West Seattle, I realized that I looked like I was having a major “walk of shame” moment.  I enjoyed it of course.

After successfully moving the car, we needed to refuel.  Heidi made these completely fabulous Cranberry Bliss Bars.



Over the course of 24 hours, I ate about 10 of them and Heidi insisted that they be cut in triangles (she said they taste better that way).

After our very healthy breakfast, we decided to get ready for the beach.  It was about 10:30 am when we headed out, but it was still f*cking cold outside.  I didn’t bring a jacket because I just wasn’t really thinking.  Anyway, we left and stopped at Starbucks when we got to the beach.


I got a hot tea and hoped I wouldn’t freeze to death during our walk.  This is the beach.



Needless to say, there were no bikini babes on this beach.  I liked this boardwalk (?) because it had a path for walkers and a path for bikers.



And there were images that resembled male anatomy in the pavement:



It was a great walk and there was a ton of stuff to see.  If I were one of those healthy, athletic types, I would totally run here.





While it was pretty cold on the water, I didn’t freeze my balls off too badly.

After our strenuous walk we decided to pick up sandwiches on the way back to Kirsten’s so we went to Bakery Nouveau.


I could have eaten everything at this place and it all looked so pretty!



My favorite part of the bakery were the macaroons!


So, so pretty.  After drooling all over the bakery counter for an hour, we headed back to have lunch.  I got the caprese sandwich and Heidi cut up some honey crisp apples for us.



A delectable meal.  And then it was time for dinner…almost.

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6 Responses to Bring Your Parka, Not Your Bikini

  1. Hubbie says:

    That beach didn’t really look like my cup o tea! Now I know how to dress when we go to Seattle next month!

  2. Emily says:

    Where are the pictures of Kirsten!? And is Heidi willing to share her cranberry bliss bar recipe?

  3. Heidi says:

    Love it! I’m giving the recipe to CW ASAP 🙂 I still love the moving the car/elevator story!

  4. Meganmyday says:

    I f*cking love bakery nouveau. Kirsten has to put up with me for days on end because she lives so close to there and mike makes me yummy drinks.

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