PSA and Pumpkin Pastries

PSA: Yesterday, some readers believed I did not proofread my post prior to publishing.  While I inadvertently makes some mistakes in probably every post, I was surprised when they called me out.  After reading that post again I saw that I screwed up a me/I thing (I’ve since edited that)…umm, really not a big deal.  The other thing I “messed up” was that I wrote that “I got my hair did”.  The difference is that I intentionally wrote that…it’s kind of the white-trash way to say “I went to the hairstylist and had my color and highlights done”.  And that concludes your PSA, I apologize for any confusion.

Onto a more interesting topic, I have given in to peer pressure.  I purchased this:


I know, I’m disappointed too.  I recently said that I’m anti-pumpkin, but I usually end up making a few pumpkin creations every year anyway.  Because I was taking a trip to Seattle, I decided to make a little hostess gift for Kirsten.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t like this hostess gift, but not everyone gets a “special delivery”.

I baked Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal Pecan Cookies!  They were really easy and very tasty.


And then I decided that I would try to audition to be a hand-model:


The polish is looking good!!

And now, Heidi and I are having a romantic morning, sitting in bed and watching re-runs of Jersey Shore!  I’m fist-pumping and falling more in love with Pauly D.


I’m going to try to convince Heidi and Kirsten to talk Jersey Shore-style for the rest of the day.  “It’s t-shirt tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.”

Have a great Saturday!!

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2 Responses to PSA and Pumpkin Pastries

  1. Hubbie says:

    I’m trying to get abs like Pauly D! I’m almost there; but I think we have to do some more difficult exercises.

  2. Gma Pat says:

    Have these gals never heard of “poetic license”???? Don ‘t take the criticisms too hard, just keep on writing these hilarious blogs! Slang and a little punctuation are all we have to work with, so write on, my dear! luv U 😀

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