Public Nudity

Yesterday, G and I headed to P-town to hang out with my sister and Jamison.  We had a few errands to run before going to the movies so we headed to Washington Square.

I had to get some shoes so we went to my favorite store!


I love Nordstrom and I love their shoes.  I didn’t find anything I loved that much, though, so I put a pair on hold and we went to Macy’s.  The mall was pretty busy.


And then I saw a picture of myself in the Victoria’s Secret store!


Lookin’ good, CTW, lookin’ good!

After pushing a few people over and running through the mall like maniacs, we finally made it to Macy’s!


First, G and I split up so he could look for a white shirt and I could check out the shoes.  I didn’t find any shoes so I went to find G.


He was way too excited about shopping.  We were on a limited time schedule, so we had to seriously bust a move to find a white shirt for G.  Once we found something, I directed G to the dressing room to try it on in a couple of sizes.  He ran off in that general direction and I followed.  When I got to the sitting area OUTSIDE THE DRESSING AREA, this is what I found:


George doesn’t believe in using a dressing room, unless you’re trying on pants.  I’m pretty sure this makes other customers uncomfortable but no one ever says anything to him.  I wanted him to try on a different size so again, he got naked.



As someone who is embarrassed to get naked in front of herself, I don’t understand his actions at all.  Obviously, G has no self-esteem issues.

Well, we weren’t exactly thrilled with those shirts so we decided to look around a little more.  When we found another one we liked, it was time to try them on.  But this time, he changed here:


Right in the middle of the store.


Yes George, I think you’re crazy.


BTW, the short ladies behind the rack of clothes stood there for a long time while G was changing.  I don’t think they were looking for shirts.

While changing, G recruited my sister to act as his shirt hanger.


Some people are too nice.

Thank god we finally found a shirt for G and Jamison thought G deserved a trophy for all his hard work.


So G took his shirt off (again) and posed for a picture.  Isn’t that what everyone does?

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6 Responses to Public Nudity

  1. Emily says:

    That’s H-O-T- Hot!

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  3. Does G ever not smile???? He is soo cute and his smile lights up a room! Enjoyed this post!

  4. Amy says:

    I actually do the same thing.. I cannot lie.

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