Running Errands

Today, I had a ton of errands to complete!  They all took longer than anticipated, but I returned home with some good loot.


I actually went to Ulta yesterday, but I still haven’t unpacked the bag so I threw it in the pile too.  Here are some of the highlights.

See that bag on the right in the back?  It contains these:


I’m going to attempt to make a sweater for little Jack, we’ll see how that goes.  Because I’m planning to keep Jack shaved through the winter he’s going to need something to keep warm.  This will probably result in something really odd-looking, so that should be fun.

After running a few boring errands, I visited one of my favorite places:


This is an old picture…it does not look like that here today.  I am not wearing short sleeves and I didn’t need sunglasses.

I also didn’t have any books on hold so I got to go through the books to find something!


There’s something about shelves and shelves of books that just makes me happy…and calm.  I love it.

So I got a few books and headed home.  Now it’s time to paint my nails with one of these new colors:


I got these at Ulta yesterday for only $2 each!!  I couldn’t resist.  The colors are (from left to right): Smoke Screen, Concrete Evidence and Moody Blues.  Love them!

Hope you’re all having a great Friday!!!

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