An Early Birthday Celebration!

Before G and I left for camping yesterday, we thought we’d do a little celebrating for my upcoming birthday.  G will be working until the wee hours of the morning on my birthday so we decided to celebrate a little early.  Of course, we went to my favorite restaurant.


I was really excited and we were ready to pig out.  I ordered my favorite, the Chicken Caprese Sandwich (minus the chicken).


And do you know what they did with the extra chicken?  They put it on this fatso’s burger.


G ordered the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger.  And this is what that burger looks like with 2 chicken breasts in it:



That’s a big burger…and he ate it all.  That’s why I love him.


After we sufficiently stuffed ourselves, the Red Robin peeps came and sang me a lovely birthday song and gave me this delicious treat!


It was basically a perfect meal.  HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

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4 Responses to An Early Birthday Celebration!

  1. Lea says:

    Are you telling people it’s your birthday to encourage internet stalkers to send you gifts? Because that would probably work. You should post your address on the internet so they know where to send things, too.

  2. Sandy says:

    Happy Birthday! I loved Red Robin too! I love the freckled lemonade and probably drink 6 of them!! The onion ring tower is to die for too! You look great together! Enjoy!

  3. Happy early Birthday!!
    I have NO idea how G ate that..oh my is freaking HUGE.
    I love that you get the chicken caprese sandwich WITHOUT the chicken, always makes me smile- 🙂 Can you believe I’ve NEVER been to a red robin?! I am missing out.

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