Butter, on the rocks

Every other month, a group of women attorneys in the area get together for dinner.  I usually try to attend (if only to catch up on the latest gossip) because it’s a pretty fun group and we end up laughing a lot.  I’ve had cases with (and in front of) some of the people who attend so it’s also fun to talk about old cases and, most often, reasons I probably should have been disbarred.

We always meet at the fancy restaurant in town that serves food that’s probably way too nice for me to eat.  It’s fun to see what’s on the menu (it changes monthly) and people always order interesting items.  When I arrived last night, I saw this:


Butter, on the rocks!  I loved the way the river rock looked with a nice (big) pat of butter on it. Very cool.  This is also my favorite time of year to go to the restaurant because you can order these:


The tomato sampler is so good and they put some basil oil on it.  I guess they get fresh tomatoes delivered every day.  And they are so beautiful, too!


And then there was this weird appetizer.


That is bacon, wrapped in bacon with a bacon sauce.  I’m not a huge pork fan so I did not try it.  But those who did said it tasted great.  I’ll take their word for it.

And finally there was dessert.


I got it to-go (or take-away if you’re in London) so I could share it with George.  See George, I’m nice and I share.  George doesn’t really understand that concept.  Anyway, it was a chocolate hazelnut mousse thing.


And now that I look at it, the whipped cream is kind of grossing me out, but it really did taste good (and G and I are not that into chocolate desserts).

Another successful meal prepared by someone other than myself!

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4 Responses to Butter, on the rocks

  1. Hubbie says:

    That dessert was so rich & delicious! Thanks for ruining my diet! 🙂

    • Gma Pat says:

      What diet?? The ‘see food’ diet? See food and EAT IT!!! G, you are really in great shape….guess that’s wha the G stands for? 😀

  2. How exactly are you supposed to eat butter on the rocks??? I’m very intrigued.

    • It was for the bread and you’d just take you knife and cut the butter. The rocks were kind of wobbly, but it worked. And they looked nice. We were all very intrigued. One person just took the entire pat of butter and put it on her plate!

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