A River Cruise!

On Friday, G and I drove to Portland to go on a river cruise.  After saying hi to our kids, we headed straight to the waterfront.  Because I’m a psycho, we got there about an hour before we were supposed to board the boat.  This worked out because G was able to take many stupid pictures of himself.

I think this a funny picture of G, because his head and body look very disproportionate.  And he looks really small.

We saw some other losers start to line up so I made G stand in line.  And he made me take more pictures of him.

It turned out to be a pretty nice day…even George (the big girl) left his coat in the car.  He actually thought we were going on a speed boat.  I was like “umm, no…how would someone be singing on a speed boat?”. Oooookaaaaay.  So this was the boat:

It looks small, but there were actually about 450 people on it that day.

A few minutes after we started forming a line, they began checking us in and we got cool stamps on our hands.

Well, I got a cool stamp, G’s just looks like dirt.  And I made G take a picture of me to prove that I was there.

And then we got to go on the boat!  And down a steep ramp.

No, I didn’t fall, but thank you for asking.  We went right inside and got good seats to see Tyler Stenson.

We didn’t know anything about him, but we really liked his music.  Kind of John Mayer-esque.  I was sad that there wasn’t any bumping and grinding on the dance floor, but there weren’t any cruises featuring R. Kelly…I’m keeping my hopes up for next year, though.

After listening to a few tunes, we went upstairs to check out the view.

And we watched someone who was about to get flattened by our boat’s wake:

I don’t know if that happened, but I would have laughed if it did.

Then we went back inside to take more pictures of ourselves.

After about 30 more pictures just like that, G decided to ditch me to take pictures of bridges.

And people being athletic.

Go Girls!!

And more bridges.

And before G could take another picture of a f*cking bridge, we were back in the big city!

And the boat was docked.  We got off the boat pretty fast, but some other people lingered…

We probably missed some cool after-party or something.  Typical, just typical.

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3 Responses to A River Cruise!

  1. Hubbie says:

    This was a good teaser for our Cabo San Lucas cruise next month!

  2. SkinnyRunner says:

    thats right where my little bro got married a couple weeks ago.

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