Today, G and I are heading to Portland.  We bought a Groupon for the Portland Spirit, a little cruise boat that goes on the Willamette River.  We’re going on an afternoon cruise so it’s only a couple of hours long, but it should be fun!

On the way to P-Town, we’ll be saying hi to our possible future children (more on that later) and on our way home, we’ll be stopping by my brother’s to get some very important work done.  We’ll probably be gone most of the day, and this scares me because this weekend we are creature-sitting this creature:

That’s Holly.  She’s Sean and Lindsey‘s dog.  Isn’t she pretty?  Unfortunately, she’s also pretty young (only about 10 months old) and has WAY too much energy.  I’m used to my old dog that sleeps 23.5 hours a day.  This dog sleeps like 3 hours a day.  So I’m pretty sure that after G and I leave her at home all day, she will be ready to play when we get home…and I’ll be ready for bed.  This should make for an interesting night.

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4 Responses to P-Town!

  1. Casey says:

    Tyler Stenson is playing on the cruise i think!! He’s real real good 🙂 He just played at a non-profit music festival I coordinated. Have a great time in Portland!

  2. Hubbie says:

    All I can say is, have fun with your new girlfriend tonight!

  3. Emily says:

    Hopefully your pup will baby-sit the baby pup while you’re away! You’ve peaked my curiosity with your “future children” comment …

  4. Sean & Lindsey’s dog has to be AWESOME because she does have the best name ever 😉
    Oh, and please don’t mind that you are about to have a million comments, I’m catching up on blog reading!

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