Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and Facebook updates about the pumpkin spice latte.   And honestly, I don’t understand all the hype.  Granted, I don’t really like coffee and I’m not a big fan of the pumpkin flavor, but really, is it that great that everyone has to talk about it?

To counteract all those posts, I thought I’d tell you about my favorite pumpkin-related item of the fall season.

I don’t know what these are even called…I just call them candy corn, maybe they are called candy pumpkins?  Anyway, I understand these don’t taste like pumpkin and that’s the point!  They are pure sugar and pure delightful-ness.  I like to buy the “Autumn Mix” variety so I can have regular candy corn and the chocolate ones too.

Ooh, so pretty.  No pumpkin spice lattes for me, bring on the candy corn!

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10 Responses to Pumpkin Spice Latte?

  1. Rain says:

    I love candy corn! Just the plain one’s though…not the chocolate!

  2. hairenvy says:

    Awesome, I’ll take a handful of those with my pumpkin spice latte! lol

  3. Gma Pat says:

    Hooray for ‘fall’ junk food. Love em!! Now, have to go get out my fall decorations. Have had the furnace on for a couple mornings. Cool here at the beach.

  4. Ha, this made me laugh cause I literally JUST did a post yesterday about how my grocery store told me they weren’t carrying pumpkin anymore and I was absolutely TRAUMATIZED! Seriously, who does that? Think I can make pumpkin muffins out of those candy pumpkins?!

  5. Hubbie says:

    I don ‘t know what you see in that candy…I like to eat a whole pumpkin pie by myself!

  6. MaryAnne says:

    You know what’s also really yummy? Mixing regular candy corn and dark chocolate M&M’s. I think that might be what heaven tastes like.

  7. baaahahahahaha this post rocks!!! Go enter my $10 Hawai’i Starbucks Card giveaway (http://tinyurl.com/638j7sk) so you can go try it for yourself!! You at least gotta try it:)

    Today, I will be on the HUNT to buy the “Autumn Mix” variety so I can have regular candy corn and the chocolate ones too–since I’ve never heard of or even tried chocolate candy corn–hello!

  8. I wish they would make some with JUST the pumpkins!!! They’re my favorite and I’d rather get more sugar…they are bigger than the candy corns after all :).

    • lauren says:

      they do! they’re called mellowcreme pumpkins… i hate candy corn but love the pumpkins (i’m aware the ingredients are the same)!

      also, try them with salted nuts- so good!

  9. I LOVE those pumpkin candies too! I wait for them all year long. & I’m with G- I will take a pumpkin pie all to myself too 🙂

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