Wait, Where Do We Wash Off?

I know you’re all dying to know how we got home with all that mud on us.  First, we were smart and brought a towel, a garbage bag and a change of clothes (and shoes).  For all you wanna-be warriors, these are must-have items!  At our race, there was also a “Warrior Wash” to get cleaned up.  This is what the wash looked like:

That’s right…a big pond. And you kind of just jumped in and tried to get as much mud off of you as possible.  Surprisingly, it worked pretty well, too.

See you can even see the color of my shirt again!  I’m holding my socks…there was some weird sh*t in my shoes, btw.  After getting practically naked in the brown pond, I went to a place I vowed to NEVER visit…unless I was going to sh*t my pants in public.

One thing about this race was that there were port-a-potties everywhere!  I really refuse to use them, but they actually were very helpful and saved a lot of people from having to see my naked (and ginormous) ass running around the Dash.

And there was even a hook where I could hang the garbage bag I threw all my disgusting stuff in.  Yes, I still have mud on my face, but Lindsey had wipes in her car that we used to get the spots we missed in the brown pool.

On our way out, we saw some guys that ran in the 9:00 am wave and they managed to clean up pretty well, too.

I asked if I could take their picture and they said only if they would be exploited all over the internet. Done and done.  Thanks boys and nice costumes!

On our way home we stopped at two places.  First up, the gas station.  We saw one of my favorite car decals ever!


And then we stopped to recharge and refuel:

And I had my favorite: Chicken Caprese Sandwich…

Minus the chicken, of course.  Don’t worry, I took it home for G to eat.

Oh and for those of you who asked about my clothes, they were actually fine after I washed them.  If you’re wondering what a shirt and number look like after you’ve thrown them in the washer, here you go:

That’s right I washed the shirt with the number still attached.  That’s what happens when you dump your clothes from the garbage bag into the washer.  Good news…they both turned out clean!  And my poor shoes?  I’m pretty sure you remember what they looked like, but if you didn’t:

Mine are on the left.  I threw them in the washer as well.  Here’s what they looked like this morning:

Not too shabby!

Go sign up for a race, it was really so much fun.  I recommend wearing long pants and somewhat form-fitting clothes.  Less stuff dragging the better…have fun!!

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7 Responses to Wait, Where Do We Wash Off?

  1. Lindsey says:

    I recommend you wear form fitting clothes at all times.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it!
    At the end of mine – we didn’t have a pond to dunk in – we had firefighters hosing us down! Awesome and horribly cold at the same time 🙂

  3. hairenvy says:

    I’m really pretty impressed by the shoes… My kids shoes look like your first pic all the time, then they want mommy to clean them. They never really look that good when I do it, lol!

  4. Emily says:

    I like the picture of the boys at the end – that would it make it worth running! Good advice about long pants, I was thinking short shorts so there would be less stuff for mud to stick to. Are you going to do it again next year?

  5. At the end of my Warrior Dash, we had some big “shower” type thing set up, but it smelled like sewage so I didn’t spend much time there. And it was COLD. Also, no way I could have gone in public after mine without a shower first! There was dirt in places I never knew possible.

  6. Hubbie says:

    Great job at the race; & thanks for the chicken breast from your sandwich babe!

  7. I’m super excited abut this one. I’ve signed up for Jan 22 in Florida.

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