Warrior Time: The Beginning

I have to apologize for breaking the recap of The Dash up, but there is way too much to tell you about in just one post.  Please bear with me…or don’t.

Lindsey and I left South Jesus at 6:30 am in order to get to the race 1.5 hours early (as advised on the website), park, pick up our packets and freak out before the race.  It was a nice morning, so it made for a pretty drive.

And I had a driver so I got to kick back and talk about myself the entire time.

I’m pretty sure Lindsey wanted to drive into the center barrier, but oh well, she’s the one that invited me on this ridiculous race.  Also, I took this opportunity to take some pictures of myself.

Obviously, I was pretty excited about the trip.

After driving for about a billion hours, we saw this sign!

We were so happy to see the Warrior Dash sign…and then we waited in a long line of cars to get to the parking lot.

Driving through the forest for a good 15 minutes scared us a bit and made me very glad I did not drive my sweet ride to this event.  It was a little bit more off-road than we thought.  Lindsey began to get excited about this whole mess.

As we got closer to the race and after we got to the parking lot, we began to see costumes.

I love that it looks like this guys are tramping through the forest like they escaped from jail.  So cool.

After we parked the car (for $10) we had to get our packets and cool gear for the race.

We got t-shirts, chip timers, viking hats and our numbers.  I know you want to see us in our viking hats…

Mine looks pretty lame because it wouldn’t go over my ponytail…and because I’m pretty lame.  Maybe next year I’ll be cool.

After we got all our gear on, we took our bags (with towels, garbage bags and a change of clothes) to the gear tent.  This was perfect.  You could leave your stuff and they would hold it for you while you ran the race (and it was free!).  This saved us from having to walk about 12 more miles back and forth to the car.

And then we saw a few more costumes:

I want to know how that chick got her train through the race.  I’m pretty sure that was probably a f*cking nightmare to drag through obstacles.

We thought these were good outfits, but I don’t really understand going through the course in a skirt.  Some obstacles required straddling things and I’m pretty sure wearing a skirt would be an impediment.

After some people-watching, we headed over to the start to freak out a bit more:

This was the first wave at 9:00 am.  Our wave was at 9:30 am so we had plenty of time to freak-the-f*ck-out.  And we did.

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4 Responses to Warrior Time: The Beginning

  1. Carina says:

    I think I’d be pretty irritated about paying $10 to park in a field when you already paid for the race. Oh well, I guess they just try to get you wherever they can. I have no prob paying for parking at a big race in a big city where you’re paying the parking lot owner (not the race). Anyway, looking fwd to the rest of your updates!

  2. Mindy says:

    Way to go!! I just did the Warrior Dash in Michigan on July 29th!! Way fun and my SIL and I did it in tutus!!! Needless to say, no tutus next year because they weighed 20lbs once they were drenched in mud!!!

  3. Emily says:

    I’m so impressed you not only did this race, but got up early and drove many miles just to do it!

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