Pre-Race Prep

Okay, well there wasn’t a lot of pre-race prep.  First of all, because G worked two shifts today, I had to hang out with these two:

It was hot and they were tired.  I didn’t feel like doing anything either (as usual) so we just laid around.  Then I started to get crazy!  How crazy?  This crazy:

That’s right, I painted each nail a different color!  Wow, I’m really living on the edge.  Well, not that far on the edge…my right and left hands match.  I have to keep some sort of consistency in my life.  Also, doesn’t the sunset look so nice?

Well, now that I’m exhausted from doing all that hard work, I should probably get ready for bed.  Or go back to watching the US Open…I’ve only watched about 8 hours of it today.  That’s not too much, is it?

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