Pull Your Hair Back!

Thanks for all the great suggestions for hair bands the other day!  As a result, I decided to leave the 1990s and get new hair bands.  On Friday, I picked up these bad boys for like $2.50.

And yesterday I tested them out.  After a 30 minute weight training session with G and 60 minutes of cardio, my hair looked like this:

The hair is still up!!  Isn’t that amazing?  I know I’m a little behind-the-times on this discovery, but I’m truly thrilled.  Also, is that really what my jaw looks like…gross.

After one workout I give the no-slip grip hair ties one HUGE thumbs up!

It’s only one thumb because my I had to use the other hand to take the picture.  I tried to get G to help, but he likes to take pictures of me that make me look 50 pounds fatter so I fired him.

Thanks for the suggestions and I’m so happy my hair will stay up now!!  Guess I’ll have to find another reason to shave my head.

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1 Response to Pull Your Hair Back!

  1. Sana says:

    I feel like anything in my hair gives me a headache!!!

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