Shopping Spree!

G and I decided to risk our lives yesterday and head to this place:

That’s right, the outlet mall.  I was dreading the idea of going because it’s Labor Day weekend, but my sister and her boyfriend were going to be there so we decided to drive up after G finished work.  I needed to get some workout clothes and G wanted a new belt.

We headed to Coach first to look for a belt.  That place was a f*cking nightmare.

I was scared by the chaos, but I don’t think G even noticed it.

Then he found the belts.

They were cheap, but we couldn’t find one that he liked.  We ended up getting him a belt at Calvin Klein.  Then we decided to head to this store to do some major damage.

We had my brother’s discount card so we were able to get an additional 30% off all sale prices.  Sweet!  The store wasn’t too crowded, except for the shoe section…that was crazy.  But after pushing a bunch of people out of the way (sometimes it’s good to be bigger than 90% of the population), I managed to score all this sh*t:

Those shoes were only $17!!  What?!!!

And these were less than $14!  Crazy, just crazy.

So, for $95, I got two pairs of shoes, 2 t-shirts, a sports bra, 6 pairs of socks and 2 Climalite pants.  Now that’s a good deal.

G also got a pair of shoes, some socks and shorts.  Not a bad shopping trip.

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!!

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4 Responses to Shopping Spree!

  1. Hubbie says:

    I can’t wait to wear my new gear to the gym for some pumpin iron blog pics!

  2. MaryAnne says:

    Ohhhh, color me so jealous. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Woodburn outlet mall. I’m in southeastern Washington, but my Grandpa is in southern Oregon, so I try to stop in a couple of times a year. Sadly this past spring I could not as I had my dog with me and even the siren song of the outlets isn’t enough to make me leave him in the car on a hot day. I was very sad to miss out, though. 🙂

  3. Jayme Felice says:

    I was ALSO at the Woodburn outlets on Saturday and it was a madhouse. I think the parking was the worse. We had to wait for a space to open up in the overflow lot. Lots of good sales though. Scored a new pair of North Face trail runners. yay.

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