The Reason I Got Married

Well, the first reason I got married was for the health insurance…thanks G!!!  The second reason I got married was to for this bad boy:

That’s right.  I started dreaming about this mixer in high school when I began watching Martha Stewart with my mom on Sunday mornings (yes, I was a total loser back then too).  Thankfully, my family listened and gave me this at my shower.  SCORE!

And tonight, I will be using it to make a (hopefully) magical creation.  Stay tuned.

Wishing you all the best over this long, holiday weekend!!

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6 Responses to The Reason I Got Married

  1. Sara says:

    That is too funny! That’s why I got married too. I LOVE my Kitchen Aide mixer 🙂

  2. Erin S says:

    Ohhh…I want one of those! I have my mom’s from 1968 or so…I worry I’m going to electrocute myself every time I plug the ancient cord in. I teach cooking at a high school, and I have 5 in my classroom, so I have a hard time justifying spending the money for one at home. Love the red– soooo pretty!

    Also, I made a version of your mom’s stuffed french toast casserole for some high school football players Friday morning. They scarfed it down in about 2 seconds.

  3. T. Walters says:

    I got my stand mixer by becoming a phone sex operator…haha true story. I needed to pay tuition somehow. The stand mixer was just a bonus from a caller. Mine is red too!

    • That is the coolest job ever! I need that job now to pay my student loans. Seriously.

      • T. Walters says:

        It definitely helped with student loans and the “tips” callers would give, not to sound totally shallow were amazing! My entire kitchen is equipped with small appliances from it, and as a struggling student i totally appreciated it…yeah it took me a couple tries to pass my ethics exam as well hahaha

      • I need to check this out. Although I don’t think I’d be that good at the job…I don’t like saying some of those words. I’m a prude.

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