Anyone Need a Mailbox?

I had a great time in Georgia over the weekend and I noticed a few things while I was there.  First, I noticed that people really like their lawns and having a lot of grass to mow.  People have big yards in Oregon too, but they’re usually full of a lot of trees and not a lot of grass.  I mean look at this house in Georgia:

Isn’t that a lot of grass?  But, the best part about this yard is the light by the house.


I’m not a fan of weird lawn ornaments.  The only man-made thing that should go in a yard is a mailbox.

That’s Tricia’s house.  And a little over 5 years ago, George and I helped Tricia set up this mailbox.  Well actually, I probably bitched about the humidity and watched them do it.  They had to dig a hole, fill it with cement, put the post in and then attach the mailbox part.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything.  But I was so happy to see that it’s still there!

Yay George and Tricia!!

And now I will be offering George’s services out to set up mailboxes for any and all interested.  Oh, no one’s interested?  Sorry G.

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2 Responses to Anyone Need a Mailbox?

  1. Lea says:

    Thanks for posting a picture of Tricia’s house on the internet. Now all her angry clients can stalk her! Please post a picture of Ann Marie’s car next.

    • I will keep that in mind, thanks! Also, will everyone race to Northeast Jesus, Georgia and try to find Tricia’s house? You will have to find it quickly because she’s moving in a few weeks. GOOD LUCK!!

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