A Real Attorney

Tricia is one of my friends who is a real attorney and spends a lot of time in the courtroom.  She’s worked in Georgia since she passed the bar in 2005 and she now owns her own practice.  I was so happy I had a chance to see her beautiful office when I visited last weekend.

I love historic homes and this one is gorgeous.  Tricia has the bottom floor of the building and just look at the entrance.

The offices are also incredible.

I love the striped curtains in Tricia’s office…so beautiful.

While I practiced “real” law for a while, it wasn’t something I enjoyed doing.  I think Tricia actually likes it and she’s good at it.  She is also kind of famous.  She does a radio show every weekday morning…

and she won a MAJOR case in Georgia a couple of years ago.

Yes, that is Tricia’s face in that article and she won that case in 2009!  Amazing.  But not surprising.   I knew that Tricia was totally balls to the wall when we first met in law school and I’m actually surprised she still wanted to be friends with my slacker self!

Congrats, Tricia!!

BTW, please don’t make out with George…that’s gross.

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1 Response to A Real Attorney

  1. tricia says:

    I’m so thankful and happy that you were able to spend the weekend with me! I had a fabulous time and miss you so much!


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